Rustico’s Traditional Take on Authentic, Fresh Italian Food!

Rustico is the place where you and your family can go and enjoy great Italian food in a beautiful and friendly environment!

Chef-owner Francesco Cusimano and his wife, co-owner Filippa, have worked hard to create a new concept, where great food and atmosphere will take you to beautiful ITALIA! Their goal is to share Italian traditions and make your stay as fun as possible while enjoying the greatest home-cooked Italian food.

Being in the restaurant business for over 15 years, they have seen how the restaurant business has changed in both good and bad ways. Twenty years ago, you were able to go to a mom and pop restaurant and enjoy an authentic pizza or a lasagna with a glass of Chianti.  The food was made with love just like it would be at home. These days,  everything is needed so fast that good, homecooked meals are replaced for a fast-food tray.

Rustico’s food stand to be 100% authentic! They have stood by their belief in that every meal is made to order, fresh and hot for every customer!

In addition to the already yummy food, a lot of attention was put in to their wine list. Some of the Italian wines are new to the American public. They recommend you try them and guarantee you will love them.

Some of the menu items are new and they hope to keep introducing new and more authentic Italian dishes. Pricing and Quality are at the top of their list as well. 

If you’re looking for fresh, home-cooked Italian meals paired with a refreshing glass of wine selected from Rustico’s carefully thought-out list of wines, This is the place for you!

Head on in for a visit today!

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